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Library of Complete Conceptual Unit Plans

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General Ideas:

-Non-Fiction: a requirement in 10th grade world literature. Try essays that the stidents will find interesting and be able to relate to. Here are a few I have used.
1.) "On Summer" Lorraine Hasselberry (Author of "A Raisin in the Sun")
2.) "The Hawk is Flying" Crews
3.) "My Left Foot" Christy Brown
4.) "Flood" Annie Dillard
I also used these essays to reinforce FCAT skills such as author's purpose and main idea. Also, they're much more interesting than most of the FCAT passages!!

-World Literature: also 10th grade, but the book I'm using can be taught at almost any level.
"A House on Mango Street"- contains a world of possibilities. It is a great chance to use creative ideas such as Alternative Book Projects, Character Boards, and Journal Activities.

Other Links:

Planning Calendar

Themes for Young Adult Literature
This is an excellent source when deciding on a thematic unit plan. The novels can also be used to supplement a more classic novel, or be used in a middle school class in which classic literature may not be taught. The novels are very well organized into categories. It is also helpful because the categories often deal with teen issues so if a student is having a problem the teacher can suggest a book that the student can relate to. There is even a short but concise summary of each book.

Unit Planning Tips

Poetry Unit Assessment Samples

//Fahrenheit 451 Unit Assessment Samples//

//A Separate Peace Unit Plan//

//War Unit Plan//

Animal Farm Unit Plan - by Maria Torres and Cesar Ramos, 2010

Terrorist or Freedom Fighter by Kailyn Morman and Katherine Rodriguez

Women of Shakespeare Unit Plan

Let's Write History

by: Beverley Joseph

Finding One's Identity Unit Plan
Unitplanrationale.doc - Rationale
Unitplangoals.rtf - Goals and Rubrics
probablepassless.rtf - Intro Activity Lesson Plan
stargirllesson.rtf - Stargirl Lesson Plan
journallesson.rtf - Weekly Journal Lesson Plan
topicpaperlesson.rtf - Topic Paper Lesson Plan
poemslesson.rtf - Poems Lesson Plan
Probable.gif - Intro Activity Handout 1
listofwords.rtf - Intro Activity Handout 2
topics.rtf - Topics Handout
outcast.rtf - Poems Handout

By: Jamie Venice