Technology in the English Classroom

By Richard Fisher, Karla Edmonds, and Jaime Rieckhoff

"Today's students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach," writes Marc Prensky in his article "Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants" (1). He further states that there is a divide between many students and teachers, a digital divide. This divide is a struggle between what Prensky calls Digital Natives (current students who have been born into a world immersed with new technology) and Digital Immigrants (those who struggle to keep up and learn the new technology being introduced to them).

So the question has come up: How do we integrate technology into our curriculum? In 10 Easy Ways to Use Technology in the English Classroom, Hilve Firek outlines 10 practical and relatively simple methods that English teachers can use to reach students through technology. We have included below a few of his examples:

Audio Theatre and Video Projects
TV and Short Stories AND Movies and Novels


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