www.edutopia.org This is a foundation funded by George Lucas that takes a proactive approach to classroom management. Teachers and students come to an understanding about the rules and both parties agree to the consequences. Tiffany

Multicultural Education- Jayme

You might have heard me talk about my idea for a year unit plan. Multicultural and service-learning are the platform which i choose what and how to present our literature to my students. This website is a great assest to have. There is TONS of information: journals, research, posters, multimedia that can be used with in the classroom, and so much more. I highly HIGHLY recommend both websites.


Service-Learning Education- Jayme
Do not be suprised to hear from your future administration that it is necessary to include community service objectives into the classroom.... yes that means we have to contribute to our community. This is a nationwide (really world wide) concept that Gov. Charlie Crist has planned for this legislative session. Here is a great website that includes information about this topic.



Nicole Sasser- This is an article that I read in my management class about how to reach students effectively. This man, Ron Clark, was featured on the Oprah show and has done a phenominal job with the students that he is working with. I encourage all of you to read this article and experience the inspiration that I felt.