- This is a website filled with ideas for multicultural lesson plans for every subject. - This website is great for getting reviews and ideas for new books that come out that are geared towards young adults! It is great! Pleas use it because it offers many book that i never even knew about, and they all sound so good, I wish I could read them all. - This website provides an easy to use rubric builder. It also has several rubrics that have already been built from all subjects and grades that can be updated to suit your needs. Tiffany

Education – this website is dedicated to helping teachers and communities work to spread diversity and acceptance of others. It gives many ideas the teachers and parents can implement and articles on diversity issues in other places. - on this website teachers can choose their grade level and specific content area and see ideas from other teachers. They have teacher discussions and areas to help teachers develop. – this site has all sorts of content for very specific content areas. There are videos, animations, and slideshows. There are resources for teaching ELL as well. – the site gives many great links for helping students or teachers learn grammar, poetry, Shakespeare, etc…every aspect of English is covered on this site. They also proved lesson plans for helping to teach ESL students. – this website is perfect for teaching English with ESL students. It gives many lesson plans and articles on helping ESL students. There are grammar resources and handouts and quizzes. – this website has it all! There are lesson plans and classroom management tips. You can look at ideas for themes, such as holidays, seasons, or subject areas. There are many diverse teaching ideas. is a great website for writing papers! It helps you organize your resources and creates a bibliography for you in all different types of formats!

Viewing Media -- Media Literacy

I've uploaded Jeff and I's PowerPoint, including quotes, on media literacy here.

Personal insurance and investment- Jayme

There is a company that is just for people in the educational system. This company does a great job in giving personal and money wise insurance and investment information. They cover everything from auto insurance- to 401k and other investment opportunities. You do have to be a personal but once we are all hired (education is still growing) you can contact them. I was in a horrible accident last year and they were amazing! No headaches from this company, unlike other companies I have heard about.
I highly suggest checking our Horace Mann (do you see the connection for education)

Vocabulary Builder- Jayme

I love this website. It is a free website that shows connections between words. It is interactive and is really graphically pleasing. I have showed this to middle and high school students and they find it is a lot more interesting and informative then the thesaurus on word. It helps them choose the right word instead of a word they feel "sounds smarter"

Online Grammar- Jayme

I have had problems with grammar my entire life. I have a mental block with writting and I have used this website and found it really helpful.
purdue grammar

Teacher Evaluations- jayme

To obtain accreditation teacher have the option of going through a class that would allow them to have an intern in their classroom during a final intership. My mom just went through this and loved it. She sent me this personal survey they recieved. This is to assess your own classroom. I found it really helpful for my own use. Hope you like it. Hopefully the link works! I dont know if it will or not!

Crossword Mania

I have often seen teachers pass out these nifty crossword puzzles that integrate a review of plot or vocabulary. I always thought this was great, but I never knew how to do it. While working on all the unit plan ideas I was lucky enough to stumble upon a website that allows you to make your own custom crossword puzzles. I used it and I was very happy with the results. The web site is I hope this helps somebody else!

Great Websites for Further Study of Immigrants
and Immigrant Authors/Poets:
VG/Voices from the Gaps
Women Artists and Writers of Color
VG/Voices from the Gaps is a web-based trans-national academic community including students, teachers, artists, and scholars. VG provides resources about artists and writers. VG forges a collective effort of scholars who digitally interract with each other. VG contains biographical and critical analysis, pedagogical information, and histories of translation. VG archives recorded sound, film, and image collections, interviews, and online conversations with web logs (blogs).
In what sense do you see yourself as an American writer?
Fifteen American immigrant authors have written essays in answer to this question.
Immigration: The Living Mosaic of People, Culture and Hope
Ever since its founding in 1776, and even before then, the United States has attracted immigrants from around the world. For well over two centuries, people have flocked under this nation's protective wings as opportunists, sojourners, missionaries, refugees, and even illegal aliens. With the Statue of Liberty greeting Europeans entering Ellis Island, and The Golden Gate Bridge greeting Chinese and other Asians into San Francisco, the U.S. has long since been a refuge of the world, with opportunities abound and freedom for all. Over time, millions around the world have found emigrating to the U.S. as the only alternative to starvation, death, or a life full of hardship and suffering. With thousands from nations spanning the globe, America has become a mosaic of people, culture, and hope.
The Immigrant Experience Through Literature
Descriptions of the immigrant experience by those who have lived it.

This is a terrific list of books written by immigrant authors.
"Becoming American – New Immigration Stories"
At this time in American history, our country is becoming increasingly diverse and the need for understanding of all cultural traditions is of immense importance.
"Becoming American – New Immigration Stories" is a project designed to provide libraries throughout the United States with a selection of excellent books on immigrant literature for adults and families. The reading lists and resources on this Web site have been developed to help librarians engage their communities in reading and discussing important texts containing rich and deep insights into our vibrant tradition of immigrant literature.

Using Contemporary Poetry in the Classroom

There are many resources available to find contemporary poetry online.
I recommend:
"Billy Collins: Action Poetry"-This site includes several poems that are all read by Billy Collins and include video animations.
""-This website was created by the Academy of American Poets. It has many great resources, including, but not limited to, poet biographies, audio clips of readings, and a poem a day.
"Poetry Daily"-This website has a different poem for every day and other poem resources.

Nicole Sasser- This website is amazing! It is and it has a plethora of videos on how to teach more effectively, how to teach tough subjects, and much, much more! The video below is a 15 minute clip of teaching grammar and punctuation in a secondary classroom! Check it out!

Nicole Sasser- I'm sure you all have heard of this website before but just in case you have never looked past the lesson plan section there are wonderful resources on here! If you click on student materials, an index appears of all types of projects and handouts! These aren't your run of the mill handouts either, they are fun and interactive!
Nicole Sasser- The following website is intended for Adult Education (GED etc.) However, if you look at many of the lessons and resources they are all very EASILY adaptable to secondary education. There are links for ESOL, lesson plans, games, and tons more! It is a fantastic site that is constantly being changed! Log on and click the link e-library and a drop down menu will appear!

Nicole Sasser- This website has great deals on classroom posters! Not only do they have great ones for the classroom but they also have a large selection of other types to help accomplish a theme in your classroom! Check it out!

Nicole Sasser- This website offers resources on getting technology DONATED to your school! It also houses information on grants, lesson plans, and fund raising! Great site to look at if you're in need to technology in the classroom!

Jenna Desandolo--This book is great for the Student who is about to become a teacher. It is great for helping you adapt to the change.

Christenbury, Leila. Making the Journey: Being and Becoming a Teacher of English Language Arts. Portsmouth, NH: Boynton/Cook Publishers, 2000.

Jenna Desandolo--Outlines how important it is as a teacher to give written feedback and more than just "develop thesis" for example.
Bardine, Bryan A.; Bardine, Molly Schmitz; Deegan, Elizabeth F."Beyond the Red Pen: Clarifying our Role in the Response Process".

Jenna Desandolo--For those who haven't read it, check out Linda Reif's Seeking Diversity it is a great book for the future English teacher. It is one of the few books I've seen that explains and gives examples of things that worked and didn't work in her class.

Jenna Desandolo--An article on the NCTE website titled "Writing in the 21st Century" by Kathleen Blake Yancy explains how much writing has changed over the years and it is more and more becoming a cold, non-solitary act--instead with things like blogs and texting it is become more social and friendly.

Jenna Desandolo--An article on the NCTE website titled "Winds of Change in the Assessment World" by Kathleen Blake Yancy describes how and why alternative assessments are effective and useful.

Amanda Merriman: Since my first education classes, I have been brought back to this website for a variety of ideas. There are great resources and information on it. Hope it is helpful!

Amanda Merriman: I have just stumbled on this website while looking for ideas for my unit plan. I sometimes need inspiration or an idea for my lessons, this site definitely has great resources. They even have a Facebook and Twitter!

Amanda Merriman: And here is another lesson plan website. I like this one the best because they have very in depth (for the most part). There are a lot of ideas and different topics. They are submited by other teachers. Hope you get great ideas from it!

Amanda Merriman: I have found Glencoe to be a very informational resource throughout my unit plan development. This site has a lot of ideas, downloads, and other resources. There are also great ideas for using technology in the classroom.