Language Arts Lesson Plan Ideas, Resources, and Complete Lessons

Lesson Plans

    1. Kelsey Sulinski This lesson is a creative way for students to learn about being different by watching a clip of Edward Scissorhands and exploring the concept of him being a "Stranger in the Village."
    2. ​Hirshey Kisses Descriptive Writing Lesson
    3. Valentines Day Conversation Hearts Day Lesson
    4. Harris Burdick Mysteries Writing
    5. Romeo and Juliet Prologue
    6. Read aloud and anticipation guide for "No Speak English"
    7. Prefixes
    8. Journal for Romeo and Juliet Act II Scene i and ii activity
    9. Romeo and Juliet Speed Dating
    10. Service Learning Lesson and Resources (Service Learning Lesson Plan, Defintions Worksheet, Service project examples)
    11. Speak Compare and Contrast - Katie McDermott, Elizabeth Weibley and Jamie Venice (2010)
    12. Public Speaking and Debate Lesson by Jennifer McMullian, Maria Torres, and Heather Walmsley

    13. Teaching Speaking and Listening by Donielle Speranza, Christine McDonald and Anthony Sylvester
    14. Steering students in the Write Direction by Camille Gouveia
    15. Little Red Riding Hood ESOL Lesson Plan by Camille Gouveia
    16. by Beverley Joseph
    17. by Beverley Joseph
    18. Lesson Plan with ESOL modifications: Pride and Prejudice by Salina Salway

Lesson Plan Resources

    • The Holocaust
      For those of you that aren't in SCATT, you can still find and use the curriculum they give out on the Holocaust at this website.