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This online journal offers TONS of great ideas and lesson plans for the classroom that integrate technology. I truly believe technology is going to become a bigger part of our society.
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Tips for Using Journals
*Post any tips or ideas you have about using journals in the classroom!*
-To ensure that students privacy is kept, make sure you secure student's journals in your classroom. Student's may write some very personal things within the pages of their journal, and it is the teachers job to protect their privacy and ensure them that ther student's will not read their entries.
-If students want to keep a page private from the teacher, have the student fold and staple the page. The staple will ensure them that no one has read it.
-Making POSITIVE comments is a good way to establish a personal relationship with your students. It also can motivate them to write in their journal.
-Don't tourture yourself by reading 150 journals every night. Try staggering the days you read journals for certain classes. Example; read journals from periods 1,3,5 on Mon and Wed. and read periods 2,4,6 on Tues nad Thurs.
-Give your students a chance to share their journals with you or their lcassmates if they wish. Even tkaing just 3-4 minutes after journaling to share will help your students to share ideas, thoughts, feelings with others.
-Make sure your students understand that they can write about whatever they are feeling, BUT if they write about hurting themselves or other, you MUST share it with someone who can help (guidance counselor, school psychologist etc.)
-Give your more creative students a chance to share their talentsi n their journals. Consider allowing them to write poetry or draw a picture for a few of the journals.
-Considering modeling a journal response or two and sharing your own responses with the class. If your students have never journaled before, or are not comfortable with it, they might take comfort in hearing/seeing what a quality response is.
-Allow students to decorate the covers of their journals. That will make them more personal and hopefully make them feel a little better about the journaling experience.
-Quotes can be a jumping off point for journals. Consider allowing students bring in their favorite quotes that other students may respond to in their journals.

Nicole Sasser- The website below has a great article about ethical dilemmaz in teaching novels that deal with problems. I read this in Adolescent Literature and it really opened my eyes to the pros and woes of teaching literature.

Nicole Sasser- This educational journal, Educational Leadership, is one of the best journals I have had the opportunity to read! You know how some journals are really difficult to read and comprehend? This journal is written in a very simplistic, easy reading format, just like a magazine! I strongly encourage everyone to subscribe!