Complete Conceptual Units

1. Terrorist or Freedom Fighter? by Kailyn Morman and Katherine Rodriguez (2009)

2. Differing Perspectives by Mallary Alderman and Brittany Level (2009)

3. Identity through Adventure (2009)

4. Conformity by Holly Hilton & Litonya Thompson (2009)

5. Man vs Society by Caleb Benham and Jeff Jaskiewicz (2009)

6. Discovering Identity by Amy Moroze, Amanda Cash, & Amanda Qualls (2009)

7. Going Against the Grain by Amanda Blanco, Nicole Sasser, Ashley Sims, and Bruce Bernard (2009)

8. Individualism vs Conformity by Nikki Anderson and Erica Heard(2009)

9. Overcoming Obstacles by Jennifer Alexandre & DJenane Briette (2009)

10. The Hero's Journey by Ashley Arnold & Terra Marks (2009)

11. Fairytales, Fables, and Folklore Unit Plan by Heather Blalock and Amanda Witte (2009)

12. Social Stratification by Carrie Franklin and Austin Simpson (2009):

13. The Things They Carried Unit Plan by Dan McArthur & Dan Westgate (2009)

14. Teaching Animal Farm! by Maria Torres & Cesar Ramos (2010)


16.Exploring Lord of the Flies by Heather Walmsley (2010)

17. Roles, Responsibility, and Freedom by Heather Cardillo and Elizabeth Weibley (2010)
18. Coming of Age by Whitney Cooper and Aubrie Orr

19. Exploring What it Means to Be Human Through the Voices of the Holocaust by Sarah Robbins and Brittany Vandergriff (2010

20. Overcoming Obstacles Through Poetry by Laura Persaud and Gracie Smith (2010)

21.) Friendship by: Christine McDonald, Donielle Speranza, Jennifer McMullian (2010)

22. Counterculture by Klinton Blair, Anthony Sylvester, Tiffany Hughes (2010)

23. Which Road Will You Take? by Lilly Thornton (2010)

24. by Britta Schmaeh and Kelsey Sulinski

25. Holocaustholocaust by

26. Free Will by Ashley Pitts (Spring 2010)

27. Trip of a Lifetime- Freedom as seen through Multicultural Literature by Camille Gouveia 2010

28. Social Criticism and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Lauren Stadler (2010) by Lauren Stadler (2010)

29. Let's Write History by Salina Salway (2010)

30.Is that Legal? by Trish Hamilton and Amanda Yaravitz

31. Narrative Perspective by Beth Magulick, Christopher Pauling, & Jeff Zacharias

32. Analyzing Genocide & Propaganda through Virtues and Graphic Novels, by Jenn Gilgan and Dwight Jennings, Spring 2011

33. Narrative Perspective--Why Who Tells the Story Matters by Gina Kette (2011)