Book Talks for Teachers
  1. A Non-example book talk of Paradise by Toni Morrison (working on linking the podcast, but for now, go to my blog page)
  2. Just wanted to pass along some useful information on PODCASTING... My brother-in-law created a web based business. The business is a server for podcasting. He gave me some instruction in the podcasting process along with useful websites, here it is:
P.S. please go to YouTube (#13) and check out his podcast of explaining how to create a podcast.

#1 - Obtain the right software

Get audacity -

#2 - Get the LAME MP3 encoder

#3 - Buy a microphone for your computer

#4 - Hook up your microphone to your computer

(make certain it goes into the right spot)

#5 - Install Audacity and the LAME encoder

#6 Launch Audacity

#7 Make certain that the recording input is selected either for WAVE
MIX or Microphone (located in the pulldown menu on the top right of

#8 - Talk - do whatever you want to record

#9 - Hit Stop

#10 - Hit play to review what you've with the software
to learn how it works

#11 - Save as MP3

#12 - Upload to your server. All depending on what sort of server you
have is what you do from here. That's where my server or whatever you
have comes into play.

#13 - go to Youtube and search for for instructions on
how my site works

#14 - go to and sign up or whatever